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Miscellaneous Stuff & FAQ
What's the point?
To me, the point is to have fun learning about new things. And then to publicly break those things. The Internet has allowed me to share the details of this process with the world starting with my very first robot. I still get a kick out of "wow this stuff is so cool!" E-mail. And as long as I'm able to, I'll keep adding to this website for your enjoyment and edification.

I get a lot of disapproving head shakes when my involvement with combat robots comes up in conversation. Usually after someone asks me how much I spend. It makes me laugh, because I don't wear any expensive branded sports merchandise, own a Harley, JetSki, season tickets, or even drive a new car. What people constantly miss is the subtle-yet-important fact that I'm investing in my own knowledge for the future, not running up debt to buy finished goods made by someone else.

And that's what makes me more of a creator and less of a consumer.

Links to events I compete in:
BattleBots BotBash Robot Wars
Art and photo credits

All the unbelievable robot and team pictures on this website were taken by Dean Thomas, a friend of mine that is always game for a 1AM robot photo shoot or a unique Team Delta location shot. He also does weddings. Seriously.

The Team Delta text and robot logos were designed by 3D artist Chris Adams. The original version that I screened on a T-shirt is here (can you read the sticker on the actuator?)
The digital pictures on this website were all taken with a Canon PowerShot 600 digital camera, generously donated by Canon Computer Systems in late 1997. The original street price was around $1000 but it has no LCD preview or zoom - so all that money went into one thing: optics. It rocks.
Problem Solving
I use my personalized Agamemnon robot Visa card to solve the really big problems.
Build and Event teams through the years
These guys helped me make it all happen:
Links to builders worthy of mention
Great designs, great implementations, great technology, great people:
My robots as seen in the media
Orange County Register
July 1996
Orange County Register
August 1996
Los Angeles Times
August 1997
National Geographic World
August 1998
Colson NewsCaster
Spring 1998
WD Eye Profiles
Fall 1998
I.D. Magazine
Mar/Apr 2000
Arizona Tribune
May 4, 2000
San Francisco Examiner
June 11, 2000
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
September 2000
September 2000
L.A.con III, the 54th World Science Fiction Convention
I exhibited the Agamemnon at the Con Aug. 29 - Sept. 2, 1996, two weeks after the competition. I was specifically asked to not repair any damage suffered during the event (to show the guests just what these machines can do.) Mark Setrakian and Master was there (and honestly, received 4x the crowd that the Ag did!)

I was IsoTopically Cool Site of the day! Amazing what a free T-shirt will get 'ya (just kidding!)
Who is this Dan guy anyway?
This section (and my head) grew so big it needed its own page.
Company links of parts I've used
Grouped by function:

At least 50% of the E-mail questions I receive are from people that want a quick solution without even shifting their brain into first gear. Fortunately, there is a great "Top 10 Questions Answered" document that my friend Tony Buchignani and I fabbed up for the Delphi Robot Wars Forum.

You can read it here.


I am so very grateful for all the materials and money that have been given to me for the robot projects.

Check out the complete list.


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