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You're reading this page from a Silicon Connections web server. And you should be glad because Mark and his associates don't use cheesy gear. Because they like to see me build robots that kick butt at the event this is Nth year of site hosting by SilCon!
Fast servers. Always up. Plenty of disk space. Let them host your website too.
www.silcon.com Phone: 888-4-SILCON


Phone: 909-371-8497

If you're into the hobby robotics scene (or want to be!) you need to be a subscriber to Nuts & Volts. By featuring the best articles each month from down-to-earth authors, you're sure to learn something useful. This publication has been the cornerstone of the electronic hobbyist for over 18 years.
In 1997 Nuts & Volts sponsored both the Alexander and the Robot Wars event itself. In 1999 they sponsored the Ag and BattleBots in Long Beach.

If you can't trust your hardware, you're sunk in robotic competition. Richard and the guys at the Orange store supplied all the industrial fasteners that keep Team Delta robots held together in battle. So if it's cap screws, grade 8 bolts or k-lock nuts that you need, give these guys a call.

Phone: 714-771-8448


Because these guys are excited about robotic competition they lent me a PowerShot 600 with which to document the construction of the 1997 and beyond robots. I tried cameras from Casio, Sony and Epson - none of them even came close in performance to the PS600. The internal 170MB hard disk provides me with enormous picture storage space, and ultimately provides you with a superior web experience. My PS600 makes this website stand out against the noise.


I've been pals with Gene and his dad, Ken, for the past 13 years. The two of them operate the top notch electronic supply store in Orange County, CA. Gene sponsored two years of Team Delta robots by providing all the onboard control electronics as well as the high current drive motor connectors. You can request prices and information through e-mail with a very rapid response time. If you're a hobbyist, you should check out what they offer in the way of components, test equipment, chemicals and video surveillance gear.
  Phone: 800-563-9405
To control the complex cutting arm of the Alexander, I knew that a Playstation hand controller was the hot ticket. The people at Sony Computer Entertainment America were beyond eager to help, and after I signed an NDA, they provided full schematics for the electric and protocl interface. Sound too good to be true? It is. They're all big Robot Wars fans up there in Foster City, CA so involvement beyond technical information was a natural.
For two years the Virtual i-O Corporation supplied me with sets of their i-glasses!, virtual reality headsets that I used on Agamemnon and Alexander. The i-glasses! project an 80 inch video picture about 11 feet in front of your face, very similiar to a HUD in a modern attack fighter. They also deliver crisp stereo sound. They are especially awesome on my Sony Playstation. Not only was VIO a pleasure to work with, but they make a top-notch product.

In early 1998 the company reinvented itself as i-O Display Systems and continues to sell the very best in consumer VR goggle systems.


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