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Team Delta 1996

Unless you've built one already, you have no idea how much work a battle robot is. I could have done it myself, but I could not have done it well. Each of my friends offered something to the project that I could not myself; that's why they are on the team.

I'm Dan. I designed and built 90% of the Agamemnon. I'm a physicist, software engineer and know my way around a logic analyzer. I write software for Canon. I composed the web page you're reading. I'm building the Ag because its really fun. It's creative and tech at the same time. I also get a charge out of other people who enjoy it. I have a very cool wife.
Quote: Do it my way or watch your butt.
This is Greg Willingham. He works as the Chief Engineer at Red Lion Hotel, LA Airport. One of his biggest contributions to the project was getting me some extra work to help pay for it. Greg is one of those "I can do anything with duct tape and a hammer" types. He is working on a special weapon that will be on the Alexander next year. It's cool. He's also an awesome cook.
Quote: When I'm away from my wife I'm free and evil.
This is Dave Johnson. He supplied the Ag with a nearly indestructable duramer shell. Dave is a solutions guy: long after I've pushed a problem to the bottom of the pile, he calls with a great way to solve it. He works as a service rep for the Tennant Co. on those big parking lot sized sweeping machines. He is awesome with mechanics and always available to join a Team Delta event.
Quote: I'm on the edge, man, and I need my space.
This is Mike Bell. Mike did all of the titanium work on the Ag, since he's the only one who even knows where to buy the stuff. He also consulted on drive component sizes for the power transmission subsystems. Mike manages a machine shop. He's a real get-things-done-yesterday guy.
Quote: Bizarre is not beyond me.
This is Fred, our T-800 on loan from Cyberdyne. You figure it out.
Quote: I wish to crush humanity under the heel of the machine. But I'll settle for Robot Wars.

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