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Team Delta 1997

Dan enjoys the desert.
Dan Danknick, Supreme Commander of Team Delta

Occupation: Network software engineer, Canon Information Systems

Background: BS Physics, analog & digital electronics (DC to light), firmware to applications software (4 patents), human factors engineering, metalworking, video games.

Hobbies: Doing cool things that few others are able to.

Motto: "Laugh while you can, monkey-boy."

[Dave with bat]
Dave is also the PR man for Team Delta. Here, we see
him practicing his reply for the ever-so-popular
yet stupid question beginning with "Why didn't you..."
Dave Johnson, Expert Weapons Operator, Culinary Coordinator

Occupation: Field service representative, Tenant Co. (yeah, I'm a mechanic)

Background: No degree - enough education to receive a PhD, Marine, married with 2 kids, ready to retire

Hobbies: I have one?

Motto: "Give me a reason"

[Mike running centerless grinder]
Mike once had a 55 gallon drum of aluminum
powder explode in his shop. It was cool.
Mike Bell, Backup to Supreme Commander

Occupation: General Manager, centerless grinding shop

Background: 24 years machining experience, former inmate, 30 years chemical background

Hobbies: Had to give 'em up - illegal

Motto: "Give Dave a reason"

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