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Team Delta Launches New-Look Website!

On January 30th, 2003 Team Delta launched its new-look website. Included in the makeover is a new "shopping cart" style checkout system that automates everything from start to finish. This new system will allow us to better serve your needs.

We don't expect the transition to the new system to be perfectly smooth. If you experience any difficulties please . Please be sure to explain as best you can the nature of the problem.

Here is a brief Q/A that will help explain the new system:
Q: Will I have to register as a user to shop on your site?
A: No way! We think schemes like that are totally dumb.
What forms of payment does the new shopping cart accept?
You can pay with a money order, a check, with cash (through PayPal) or by credit card (also through PayPal).
What do you do with my credit card information when the transaction is done?
Team Delta never even sees your credit card information. The credit card portion of the checkout uses PayPal's merchant account services with secure encryption servers.
Do I have to be a member of PayPal to buy your products?
No. Though our shopping cart system uses PayPal as its clearinghouse you do not have to be a member. If you have a PayPal account, however, you have the additional option of paying with that account.
What if I want to pay by check? Or money order?
No problem. The checkout page will display that option. Just click on that and follow the instructions.
Q: What happened to the old "shipping formula"?
A: It's gone. The new shopping cart has a shipping formula built-in. Like the old formula, the new is based primarily on the weight of the products.
Q: Do I still have to add 2% to the order if I use PayPal?
A: No! There are no additional fees to be added.


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