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How much more black could this be?
And the answer is 'none.'
None more black.
- Spinal Tap

"GVWR 4950 lb."
This has been a month of turmoil, ending in an abbreviated as well as late status report. The uncertainty that hangs over the 1998 event has not abated.

I have been working on the Agrippa for the past month. But I have been writing software and wiring prototype electronics instead of welding steel. Why? I'm trying to minimize my risk in the event that RW'98 is scrubbed.

So I only have two pictures to show you this month, but there is a lot of clever design in them. Here, fellow robot warrior Tony Buchignani is riding my Isuzu truck while under tow with the Agrippa. That's a 4QD controller running the motor with a custom digital R/C interface that I built. If you want to learn more about these excellent power controllers, visit their website and check out the NCC and NCC-PRO series products.


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