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The 1999 LEGO RoboGladiators Event at E3
by Dan Danknick

It was a free-for-all!
No commentary necessary here - on Saturday morning all the remaining big robots got in the arena to mix it up.

The generosity of the LEGO company even extended to handing out these cool participation tropies in addition to the first and second place ones. I think some of the guys were going to disassemble theirs for parts though.
But the single-most funny moment of the three-day event came at the end. We were all zonked out after the melee had completed and the E3 attendees were filing out of the convention center in large throngs. Almost casually, from the middle of the crowd this foam grenade sails up in an arc and... banzai! lands right in the middle of our arena. It took me a long time to stop laughing.
One of the things I did differently from the rest of my fellow competitors was to NOT use the included Mindstorms programming software. Instead I went to the web and used Dave Baum's NQC compiler wrapped with the RCX Command Center from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. In short, it kicks butt. If it is of interest or it helps you at all, here are the source files for my master RCX and the slave on the robot that drove the small red motors to run the polarity switches. Enjoy.
There was also a cool article that ran on-line at Forbes.com - so go check that out, too.

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