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February Overview
This was a good month for making progress! The base is done and I'm on to the weapons. Although I don't want to go into much detail, I have one finished, two in process and three more on the drawing board. That brings me up to six in the methods that I can pound on my opponets. And, I've made certain that each one is entertaining for the audience, too. And for those of you who followed the '95 competition, you'll be excited to learn that I have speciazed defense schemes for La Machine (the inertia wedge) and for a middleweight version of Blendo (I'm assuming they will make one; its a great idea.) I removed both of those items from the pictures below because, well, I can't share all of my secrets.

I weighed the Ag last weekend and came up with 62 pounds. The middleweight class has an upper limit of 100 lbs. so I have plenty of room to spare.


Outside my garage on another 70F degree California afternoon. Upgraded from last month are the wheel guard rails and the whole stern assembly (see picture below.) You may have also noticed the wheel-like item to the left. It is one of the offensive weapons still in progress - a 6,000 RPM cutting head run by a 2HP gas engine. Guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser.
The completed stern of the Agamemnon. Note the razor sharp barbs that project 9" from the back. Each one contains a special surprise. Also note that I've begun to seal the inner frame with 3/8" thick aluminum diamond plate. Good luck to anyone wanting to cut/punch through.
Starboard picture showing a better view of the cutting head. Power is delivered from the engine via dual V-belts providing balance and redundancy. The 6,000 RPM rotational speed equates to a 157 ft/sec. linear speed at the edge of the cutting wheel.
Here is something you haven't seen before: wire guided rockets. The Ag will sport six launchers with these little babies - each with a launch speed of over 110 ft/sec. Able to travel downrage over 25 feet, I'll be able to "reach out and touch someone." I'm holding the prototype, and. in the interest of secrecy, I had to black out the impact head (show up to see 'em in action.)
Another Team Delta first! In my left hand is the high resolution CCD spy camera that will sit on the Agamemnon. In my right hand is the 420MHz video transmitter that will let me watch on UHF channel 14. I'd say one of the biggest obstacles to controlling a robot is getting lined up with the opponent. This will certainly get me on target, and if the Robot Wars organizers follow up on their desire, the video feed from my BattleCam will be displayed to the audience. I want you to have as much fun as I do during all of this (except I still get to do the driving.)

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